Disaster on health with smoking

Every time a smoker drags a cigarette he is playing with his own health. The habit of smoking is denigrating. The irony is, even though most people from all over the world are well versed with the bad effects of smoking yet are addicted to smoking.

Earlier the male count for smoking was more but today women are no more behind men when it comes to getting addicted to this harmful habit. To know the actual reason for smoking a lot of NGOs and health organizations has called out for street survey where smokers were questioned, what pleasure do they get out of smoking?

Their answers vary from person to person. Some people started smoking out of curiosity and later became addicted. For some smoking is a way to relax. When mounting mental pressure, smoking turns out a recreation method for them. Likewise, there are individual reasons for every individual.

However, this is true who all are addicted to smoking, at some point in life are surely going to suffer serious health complications. Because every time a person is smoking a cigarette he is inhaling almost 7000 different types of chemicals. Out of which more than 69 chemicals may cause cancer and a lot more may cause other serious health issues.

May be smaller or bigger but no smoker can escape health diseases. However, the severity of illness may differ depending on how often one smokes.

So without wasting time let’s look down for some common health problems that most active and passive smokers face in their daily life.

1) Let’s start with Respiration-related problems

Respiration-related problems are common among people who are more exposed to tobacco consumption. As most of us know smoking affects the functioning of the lungs. Which in a later stage implies a breathing problem. Breathlessness, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, etc are some of the common symptoms found in smokers. Hence If smoking is not discontinued, such problems may get aggravated and results can be more devastating for health.

2) Heart Problems
Most smokers from all over the world die due to heart problems every year. Too much cholesterol is very bad for the heart. The same increases in the body when a person smokes. Nicotine in cigarettes increases the level of cholesterol in the body. High cholesterol amounts in the body clogged arteries of the heart. Narrow arteries lead to the formation of blood clots. Blood clots increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Strokes, heart attacks, and pain in the chest are some common heart problems faced by men.

3) Cancer
Life-threatening problems like cancer have high chances to occur in smokers. Nonsmokers are less at risk of cancer. Cancer-causing substances are present in cigarettes. Hence, giving up on smoking is mandatory. Carcinogens are cancer-causing agents. And they are found in cigarettes. Cancer-related to mouth, throat, kidney, bladder, pancreas, stomach and lungs have a lot of chances to take place in smokers a lot. 90% of cancer cases each year arise in smokers. A large number of deaths due to cancer each year is reported in smokers only.

4) Asthma
Patients suffering from Asthma should forbid smoking completely. Smoking worsens asthma patients’ condition. The smoke causes inflammation in the airways; hence aggravating conditions of asthma patients.

5) Smoking is hellish for pregnant mothers. Women who smoke a lot are at risk of going through miscarriage than the ones who do not smoke. Other pregnancy-related problems also have to be borne by women into their smoking habits. There are possibilities that babies of women into smoke have to bear some problems from the start. It is better for women not to smoke. It can ruin your baby’s life.

6) Premature Aging
Health-conscious people should know that smoking can cause premature aging. A healthy blood supply all over the body is vital for enjoying a healthy mind, a healthy body and good skin. However, in smokers, the blood supply is not active. This leads to the formation of wrinkles and wrinkles are a sign of early aging.

7) Erectile Dysfunction
One of the common causes of Erectile Dysfunction is Smoking. Due to smoking, there are more likely chances to develop clots in the blood vessel due to the shrinking of the blood vessel. Hence most smokers need to depend on medicines such as Cenforce, Fildena, Aurogra, Vidalista, etc to overcome men’s erectile dysfunction at a very stage of their lifecycle.

So the conclusion is to stop smoking then think of less smoking. Such activities are good to watch in movies where the hero makes an entry with a cigarette in his mouth. But in actual life, smoking is really dangerous that can only welcome numerous illnesses and health disorders.

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